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Make Your Building Standout With A Copper Turret
Many traditional and elaborate buildings have emphasized their elegance and dignified appearance by incorporating turrets into their structure. If you consider some of the world’s ancient buildings, you will, without a doubt, notice a countless amount of turrets used to enhance the exterior of a structure. Many old castles used turrets as an extension of the structure and they often held staircases as well as created additional living space.
However, the use of turrets can still be found in modern day structures, both commercial and residential. Used in the same way as a dormer, homeowners can expand their living space in a more classic way. This simple addition can increase a home’s value as it adds square-footage, and also creates a stunning and desirable appearance to a home’s exterior.
The Selection of Style
In considering the roofing material for your turret, the best choice available is copper. Copper can be fashioned in a number of different ways, which allows to you become creative and develop a visual aesthetic that is personal to you. A copper turret roof will make the impact and statement that you desire. It can also be enhanced further as a copper roof allows for decorative ornaments such as gargoyles and weathervanes.
Copper also has a very dignified and luxurious appearance. When copper roofing is first installed, it has a rich, shiny bronze coloring. It slowly matures and develops an attractive green-blue patina. This coloring will set your structure apart from the rest.
Practical and Substantial
In addition to its remarkable style, copper is also the most substantial material to use for any roofing needs. As the Canadian elements are harsh and unpredictable, it is vital to select a roofing material that is durable and resilient. Copper can effectively withstand the effects of snow, toxic rain and intense heat. It does not rust or corrode and is therefore the most practical choice. It also reflects light as opposed to absorbing it like other materials. This will reduce cooling costs in the summer.
Copper has a long lifespan of up to 100 years, while most other materials need to be replaced every 20 years. By selecting copper, you are truly protecting your investment and reducing potential costs down the line that would otherwise go to repairs and replacements.
Copper is also a recyclable material. This means that by choosing copper for your all your roofing needs, along with your turrets, you are being environmentally friendly.  More and more architects and builders are using copper in order to be more earth-conscious. Call Copper Works Canada to get the best roofing help with your turrets.

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